Cairistona Burmese & Mỹ lệ Mandalay
Bred for health, temperament & type
NZCF Inc Registered Breeders & NZCF Accredited Cattery
Availability of Kittens

             We have given up breeding Mandalays and so will not have any Mandalay kittens for at least  the foreseeable future.

Please contact us and fill in the questionnaire if you would like us to consider you as a suitable owner.
We receive a lot of enquiries and therefore we cannot always give an instant response.
Ensure that you provide us with as much information as you can. 

We have many more enquiries than we have kittens available and so this means if you
are interested one of our babies and we approve that you are suitable as an owner
you will sometimes have to wait 6 - 12 months or more.
We do provide regular updates and photos on our Facebook page, so this is a good place to find out more information.

Availability of Adult Ex-Breeding Cats

Rocket is an ex-stud and is looking for a forever home.  He is a chocolate burmese, desexed and microchipped.  Will be 5 years old in October 2018.

We will consider homes as follows:
  • No other cats (he may tolerate one other female cat)
  • Must be within 2 hours drive of Palmerston North
  • Must be willing to keep indoors only, preferably with access to safe outdoor areas as he's never been exposed to the dangers of outdoor life.
Rocket will get on fine with a cat friendly dog provided introduced properly. 
He has a habit of wool chewing - what this means is that he chews holes in particular fabrics, we have noticed polar fleece and woolen blankets.  This shouldn't be an issue if these items are kept out of his way :-)

He isn't used to younger children, but he'd be fine in the right situation. 



Our cats have been DNA tested negative for Hypokalaemia and Gangliosidosis.

It is extremely important when searching for Burmese and any of the breeds related to Burmese (Mandalay, Burmilla, Tonkinese, Tiffany, Bombay) ensure that the breeder has at the least tested their breeding cats for Hypokalaemia.
Our kittens are available to approved homes only - not on a first-in-first-served basis.

Types of homes suitable for our kittens:

  •   We strongly recommend that our kittens are kept as  'indoor cats' for their entire lives - or at the very least for the first 6 months, and at night time thereafter.  There are, of course exceptions to this - one being if your house is situated well away from any roads, for example in some rural situations.  We would still recommend that they are kept inside at night time.
"An indoor cat is a safe cat!"

  • You must be willing to commit to owning and looking after the kitten for its entire life (up to 20 or more years in some  cases!), owning a cat is a commitment for the lifetime of the cat.
  • You must be aware that there is ongoing financial cost in owning and caring for a cat and you MUST be willing to seek veterinary attention when required.
  • Homes with more than three cats are not really suitable (in general the more cats in a household, the more likely behavioural issues are to arise).
  • Burmese are generally good with dogs, however they must be cat-friendly dogs to begin with.

What should new owners expect to receive with one of our kittens:

  • Our kittens are house-reared with their Mum and are a part of our busy household which includes other cats and two very cat friendly dogs.  This means that they are well socialised & prepared for their new homes by the time they are ready to go.  Although we do not have children, feedback has been great from owners that our kittens get on very well with children of varying ages.
  • Kittens are all registered with New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc 
  • Kittens are all microchipped before they leave, and registered on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register
  • Kittens are desexed, will have had at least their first vaccination and will have been treated for worms and fleas
  • We provide kitten packs for our new owners, and so you will receive a starter kit that includes a bag of biscuits, discount vouchers, cat litter plus other useful information.
  • We provide a blanket for every kitten to take to their new home, this gives them something familiar in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Our kitten care information booklet
  • 6 weeks of free pet insurance available upon request
  • We also have a written agreement which we sign as well as the new kitten or cat owner.  This outlines our expectations when it comes to welfare of the kitten throughout its life, gives a health guarantee and commits us to be available at any stage to provide information with regard to health and well being of the kitten or cat.